Social Networks: Coffee for everybody

Hello!! Finally I’m back 🙂 After some busy months, ending my MBA, I managed to get some time to write about Social Networks. «Coffee for everybody» is a spanish sentence meaning «One size fits all», or a situation where the same solution is applied to everybody, satisfying no one.

So, we’re going to talk about Social Networks. One topic that has been discussed a lot, but I think it is still worth. If you are interested, stay with me five minutes, and let’s have a funny view on it. Continuar leyendo «Social Networks: Coffee for everybody»

MBA at IE Business, what an experience!

What’s an MBA? And why at IE?

Hi again! Sure, those questions I am making, and a lot more, are the ones every MBA candidate at IE Business School has made to him or herself at some point in time… And, of course, are the same questions that will be heard during this upcoming long year (sometimes reeeeally long year) from our close friends, family… And, why not, from every indiscreet acquaintance, that comes to know what you’re up to.

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